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Treat your furry friend to a vacation of their own at our cozy dog boarding. Private rooms, personalized care, and 24/7 security. Book now for a wag-tastic stay!

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Choosing a Furry Family Member? Let Our Puppy Experts Guide You! Emotional Tests, Expert Advice – Your Ideal Puppy Awaits

we are providing pet care service for years.

With years of dedicated experience, we take pride in offering exceptional pet care services. Our seasoned team has been committed to nurturing and looking after pets with the utmost care and compassion. Trust us to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for your furry companions, built on a foundation of years of expertise and unwavering love for animals.

Teaching a dog is like composing a beautiful melody – every note of patience and guidance harmonizes into a symphony of understanding. Together, we orchestrate the perfect tune of companionship and learning.".

Anna Savilova

Founder, Dog Evolution
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When it comes to training our furry friends, different motivational techniques are in play. Let's break down a few methods our school relies on.

The Right Motivation Matters
First things first, choosing the right motivation is key. The entire training process hangs on this choice. If the motivation isn't spot on, the training might just fall flat.

Playful Beginnings
We kick off training with playtime. It's all about sparking the dog's interest in work. During play, dogs show off skills like chasing, retrieving, and pure excitement. Puppies are encouraged to chase after objects, carry them, and even play a bit of tug-of-war. To get the toy, the dog must do something specific, like endure a little struggle or follow your lead. Through play, dogs learn the basics of retrieving. The dog should feel like a champ after playtime. After a good chase or struggle, the dog gets the "prey." Let them carry the toy for a bit, then take it away and hide it. The dog learns: the toy is with you, and the game only happens with your involvement. It's about instilling a love for work early on, showing dogs that work can be both fun and interesting. But here's the trick: the dog shouldn't work only when it feels like it. Choosing the right time for training is vital, like when the dog is hungry and full of energy. Training after meals? Nope, not effective. A full stomach equals no desire to move; the dog needs rest and digestion time.

Food Is a Great Motivator
Next up, food motivation. This one's all about using treats to get the dog moving. Treats aren't just snacks; they're praise materialized, straight from you. A piece from your hand is way more valuable to the dog than a whole bowl of the same stuff. Meat pieces or other treats are cut into quick bites, easy for the dog to gobble up. Treats are placed so the dog can reach them easily without getting distracted. And here's the tip: make sure you have enough treats for the whole training session. Treats must come right after the desired action, not before or during. And remember, training works best with a hungry dog. But don't go overboard; too many treats mean the dog only works for food. These treats aren't part of the daily diet—strictly for training and well-done commands.

Physical and Verbal Encouragement
Apart from play and treats, there's physical and verbal encouragement. Physical encouragement includes things like a pat or a stroke, while verbal encouragement involves your tone of voice. Positive words like "Yes" and corrections like "No" shape the dog's behavior. Some dogs thrive on praise from their owners, becoming the best incentive to work hard.

Balancing Act
Here's the thing: the best results come from combining these methods. Relying only on play can lead to sloppy skills or a bored dog refusing to work. Only using food means the dog works just for snacks. And relying solely on physical encouragement can make the dog hate work altogether, making it reluctant and eventually refusing tasks.

Maintaining Momentum
Even after the training ends, don't drop motivation entirely, a common mistake by owners using play or food. Instead, ease up (treats, returning a toy after an exercise, or at the end of the session) and use verbal praise when needed. Keep that encouragement flowing!

1. Choose the Right Gear: Select a comfortable collar and leash that fit well without causing discomfort. If you're unsure, let the trainer know, and they'll assist you in finding the right fit.

2. Bring Tasty Treats: Delicious treats are excellent motivators during training. Discuss with the trainer which treats are best suited for your pet.

3. Set Training Goals: Before you begin, talk to the trainer about the commands you want to improve or teach. Share your goals for both yourself and your dog.

4. Prepare Your Pet: Your dog should be hungry during training, so avoid feeding them at least 4 hours before the session. Take your dog for a short walk about 10 minutes before training. Your dog should be neither tired nor sleepy. If the training is outdoors, arrive 15 minutes early, allowing your dog to familiarize itself with the surroundings.

5. Maintain a Calm Environment: Training is more successful in a calm atmosphere. Avoid unnecessary noise and disturbances. The training location is chosen by the trainer based on your dog's age, abilities, and skills.

6. Stay Positive: Your confidence and positive attitude matter. Dogs respond better when they sense your support and encouragement.

7. Communicate Your Requirements: If your dog displays aggression towards people or other animals, inform the trainer in advance. We tailor individual training plans considering each dog's age, breed, owner's needs, and learning abilities.

8. Trust the Professionals: We never use harsh methods like choke collars, prong collars, or shock collars. Our aim is to make training a fun and successful experience for both you and your dog. Trust us to guide you on this journey!

Think of obedience training for dogs as their crash course in "Paw-some Etiquette"! It's like teaching your furry friend the cool tricks and good behaviors that make them the star of the show in the human world. Imagine it as their way of learning the canine version of "please" and "thank you."

During this training, dogs get to master some fun moves like sit, stay, come, and leave it – their ticket to becoming the well-mannered celebrities of the doggy world! It's like their secret code to impressing everyone around them. So, it's not just about rules; it's about turning our four-legged buddies into the most charming and delightful companions ever! Think of it as their graduation into the school of charm and good behavior!

Nose work, as a dog sport, is like turning your furry friend into a super sleuth! Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, and in nose work, they use it to find hidden scents, often tucked away in containers or rooms.

Picture it as a cool game where your dog gets to follow their nose to find hidden treats or toys. It's basically a treasure hunt, but for our canine pals! Nose work capitalizes on a dog's natural talent for sniffing things out and encourages their inquisitive nature.

In competitions, dogs have to locate specific scents amid various distractions. It's not just a sport; it's a fun and stimulating activity that taps into your dog's natural abilities. Plus, it's a blast for both the dog and the owner, strengthening their bond while letting the dog indulge in their favorite pastime – exploring with their nose!

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary training experiences right from your couch? Our online obedience classes are a fur-tastic blend of learning, laughter, and a whole lot of tail-wagging excitement!

Why We’re a Paws Above the Rest:
🌟 Interactive Learning: Say goodbye to dull lectures! Our online classes are interactive, engaging, and tailored to your dog's unique personality. It's like a personalized playdate with a purpose!

🤣 Laugh & Learn: Who said training can't be fun? Our expert trainers infuse every session with humor, making every lesson a joyous adventure. Prepare for laughter, wagging tails, and a ton of treats!

🏆 Proven Results: Our training methods aren't just entertaining; they're incredibly effective. Watch your doggo master new tricks and behaviors, all while having the time of their life.

🏠 Home Comforts: No stress, no travel – your furry friend learns in the comfort of home. It's a stress-free experience for both you and your dog, ensuring maximum focus and progress.

🐾 Tailored Support: Need help or have questions? Our trainers are just a click away. We offer personalized guidance, ensuring your dog's training journey is smooth and successful.

Join us for a pawsitively amazing online training adventure. From obedience basics to advanced tricks, our classes are where the magic happens. Get ready for a world of fun, learning, and a whole lot of tail-wagging happiness!

Choosing your future furry friend is like finding the perfect puzzle piece for your family! Think of it as a puppy personality match-making game guided by our expert dog trainers.

Here's the lowdown, in a fun and friendly way:

Puppy Personality Testing 101: Unleashing the Right Match!

Ever wondered why emotional tests for puppies are a big deal? Well, it's like trying on shoes – you want the perfect fit, right? Dog trainers use these tests to understand a puppy's quirks and vibes. Here's why it's crucial:

1. Temperament Tales: Imagine puppies as tiny personalities in fur coats! Some are social butterflies, others are introverts. Matching their vibe with your lifestyle ensures a harmonious home. Social and outgoing or calm and collected – we've got them all!

2. Social Butterfly Skills: Ever met a pup who can charm everyone, dog or human? That's the magic of socialization! We test how puppies mingle with people, new places, and even funky sounds. A well-socialized pup grows up to be a confident, friendly doggo.

3. Behavioral Bingo: Puppies have their own traits – some are curious explorers, while others are more chill. Think of it as knowing if your future roommate loves Netflix binges or outdoor adventures. Understanding these traits helps find your perfect match.

4. Smarty Pants Potential: Who doesn't love a quick learner? Our trainers check if the pup is eager to learn tricks and follow commands. A pup with a keen learning spirit means smoother training sessions for you!

5. Tailored to You: We get it – every family is unique. Some need a gentle cuddler for the kids, while others want a jogging buddy. These tests help us match you with the pup that fits your lifestyle like a custom-made superhero cape!

In a nutshell, these tests are like peeking into the pup's heart to ensure they're the one! A happy, harmonious life together starts with the right match, and our trainers are the matchmakers of the dog world!

Heading out of town and concerned about your furry friend? Our dog boarding services offer a cozy, safe, and enjoyable stay, where your pet's comfort is our priority.

What Makes Us Unique?

🛏️ Private Rooms: Each dog enjoys a private, climate-controlled room, ensuring a serene and personalized environment.

🍲 Personalized Meals: We serve the food your dog loves, making them feel at home. Just bring their favorite meals, and we’ll take care of the rest!

🎾 Playtime & Socialization: Engaging activities and monitored playtime with other dogs to keep your pet entertained and happy.

📹 24/7 Surveillance: Your pet’s safety is paramount. Our facility is equipped with round-the-clock camera surveillance.

✂️ Grooming Services: Treat your dog to a spa day! Opt for our grooming services, available at an additional charge.

🏥 24/7 Vet Access: Immediate access to veterinary care in case of any health concerns.

🩺 Health & Well-Being: Daily emotional check-ins by our expert dog trainers ensure your pet’s mental and emotional health

Hey there, fellow dog lovers!

Ever wished your furry friend could enjoy a vacation while becoming the most well-behaved dog on the block? That's precisely what our Dog Training Camp is all about! Imagine a two-week adventure where your canine companion lives with us, experiencing top-notch training, delightful socialization, and mastering the art of leash walking.

1. Home Away from Home:
At our training camp, dogs get their very own home away from home. They stay with us, becoming part of our extended family. Our facility is designed for their comfort and safety, ensuring they have a cozy, stress-free environment to relax and learn.

2. Obedience Training Extravaganza:
Your pup gets the VIP treatment when it comes to obedience training. Our experienced trainers work their magic, teaching essential commands like sit, stay, come, etc. We tailor the training to your dog's unique personality and needs, ensuring they grasp the skills that make them the best-behaved pooch in town.

3. Socialization Galore:
Dogs are social animals, and our camp provides the ideal setting for them to make furry friends. They interact with other dogs in a controlled, supervised environment, learning valuable social skills. Whether your dog is a social butterfly or a bit shy, our trainers ensure they have positive interactions, boosting their confidence and social prowess.

4. Mastering Leash Etiquette:
Leash walking can be a struggle, but fear not! Our training camp includes leash walking sessions where dogs learn to walk beside their owners with grace and ease. No more pulling or zigzagging – your pup becomes a leash-walking superstar, making daily strolls a joy for both of you.

5. A Tail-Wagging Transformation:
By the end of the camp, you'll be amazed at the transformation in your furry friend. Not only will they have a repertoire of obedience skills, but they'll also be more confident, sociable, and a leash-walking pro. It's a win-win – they enjoy their vacation, and you get back a more well-behaved and happy companion!

So, if you're dreaming of a dog that listens, behaves, and walks like a champ, our Dog Training Camp is the ultimate destination. It's where your dog's dreams of a perfect vacation and your aspirations for a well-trained pooch come together in tail-wagging harmony!

What Our Customer Say

Tarasov Val Lyuba

"Good day to all the dog lovers out there!
First and foremost, I want to thank Anna; she is a wonderful person with a huge heart and a beautiful soul! Anna is an excellent dog expert and a fantastic trainer! In just 2 weeks of our lessons, our Doberman pet has transformed beyond recognition! He became obedient and calm... his behavior and character completely changed! We were amazed at how much our handsome boy changed in just 2 weeks! It was unbelievable for us!
We are very grateful to Anna for her efforts! She puts a lot into her work, showering our pets with love and care. If anyone is struggling with their furry friends or doesn't know how to train them, Anna is an excellent professional in her field! Thank you very much! We are thrilled to have met such a professional like you!"

Yev P.

"This is the best dog trainer I have ever had. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd and this trainer made a difference in my dog's behavior. I really really recommend her. If I could give 100 start, I would."

Natasha Brittle

"Have a wonderful day, everyone.
I want to leave a review about the dog trainer Anna Savilova. This is our dog Bella. Over six months of living with us, Bella turned our home into an extension of the local dump. Her nickname was Hell On Wheels.
We started training with Anna about three months ago. After the third session, Bella finally understood that we are the owners in the house, not her. And now, three months later, she has turned into a wonderful companion. She listens to us and knows many commands. She no longer chews furniture, ruins carpets, gnaws walls, or digs up the backyard sprinkler system.
She simply adores Anna! A huge thank you from our entire family to the amazing trainer Anna, who saved our home from complete chaos. We highly recommend her!"

Olya Gary

"I would like to express our gratitude for Anna’s guidance, expertise, and training for our rescue Shih Tzu mix - Shurik. Shurik came to us shut down and was terrified pretty much by everyone and everything. Our biggest problem, however, is that he is afraid of his leash, all men, and wouldn’t let my partner, Charles, take him for a walk. We started working with Anna about a month ago and already can see the difference. Even though Shurik is still reluctant to go on the big walks with Charles, he tolerates being picked up by Charles better and can go out for a quick break with him.
We also started regular obedience training with Anna; I have to say, it’s as much training for the dog as for the humans! I learned so much from her even in a few sessions - how to properly handle treats, my own hands, voice commands, etc. Shurik and we are learning a lot, and we’re looking forward to continuing our training sessions with Anna!"

Helen Savran

"Anna Savilova is a wonderful and very caring trainer. It's great that there is always feedback. The dog adores Anna! 😍 It's awesome to see progress in the training! Onwards and upwards! Highly recommended! 🫶🏻"

Aleksandra Kudinova

"Thank you, Anna, for your hard work and knowledge! 🙏 In just three weeks, Archie learned 18 commands, becoming a more obedient pup and delighting his parents! 😜🐶 We'll keep going in the same spirit! ☺️"

Marina Gorelik

"Working with Anna has been an absolute joy. She is a European certified Kennel Master, focuses on positive reinforcement and emphasizes the bond between a dog and its owner. She is able to explain the dog's behavior and offer suggestions on how to correct it. During the initial session, Anna did an evaluation to better understand Solo’s (our dog) natural tendencies, current level of training, and helped construct a training program that leverages these tendencies rather than try to work against them. This helped us to see faster results and get Solo to engage more with the training. She helped me understand how small things in how I issued and reinforced commands confused Solo and how to correct that. Further, Anna broke things down into intermediate steps when new commands were too hard for Solo to grasp. By creating a sequence of commands that naturally flow one into the other, Solo was able to learn not just a single command but behaviors. She does all this in a really positive and informative way. Additionally, Anna was incredibly patient with all of my questions as well as was able to expertly redirect Solo’s high energy levels and excitement to learning towards training. Through Anna’s guidance both Solo and I quickly improved on our obedience training and his overall behavior. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna for dog training."